09.25.2007 - GHM announces entry into the Solar Energy market

GHM Engineering Group announces that it will pursue opportunities in the Solar Energy Market

"As we are an Engineering Company, we intend to design, contract and commission solar energy projects directed at the Institutional, Commercial and Government Markets." says President of GHM, Gordon Maretzki, P.Eng. "This has traditionally been our client base. We will apply our engineering expertise and experience in systems, automation and fabrication to the Solar Industry."

The Ontario Power Authority has established an incentive called "STANDARD OFFER". This is in essence the Government of Ontario contracting with producers of clean energy to buy the energy at a premium rate, thus encouraging development of clean power.

Gord Maretzki, P.Eng comments "This is an opportune time to enter this market, with the Standard Offer available and the increasing uncertainty of foreign oil supply, we anticipate a strong growth in this industry."

GHM Engineering Group will initially target Photovoltaic (PV) projects. They are currently developing their own Solar Water technologies and expect to offer Solar Hot Water systems in the near future.

Maretzki comments "We recently attended the largest solar trade show, SOLAR 2007, this month in Long Beach, California. We were able to see the latest technologies, establish supplier relationships, and network with seasoned industry professionals. We are excited about the future of the Solar Industry and are pleased to be part of it"


For more information contact: Gordon Maretzki, P.Eng

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